CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A Bridgeport native secured a makeup modeling gig with Maybelline after someone randomly noticed her eyelashes.

Maggie Ludwig was recently featured on WBOY’s 304 Today show where she told the story.

“So it’s kind of a funny story. I guess,” said Ludwig. “I was celebrating a friend’s birthday at a bar. I live in New York in Brooklyn, and I was out at this bar and this random girl came up to me and was complimenting my eyelashes.”

She said it’s not unusual for people to compliment them, but this person was asking a lot of questions about them.

“And she told me that she was casting for the next Maybelline ad campaign for mascaras and eyelashes. And it sounded a little crazy to me, at the time. But she asked for my email address and she gave me hers and emailed me the next day.”

She ended up modeling on a promotional video for Maybelline’s Sky High Primer.

The Bridgeport High School alum moved to New York to pursue a career in musical theater and has a band—Red Rover—which recently released a new single, “The Work Sing,” on Spotify.

She said the eyelash modeling was “one of those only in New York stories.”

“Where else are you just hanging out and someone’s like, do you want to be on the packaging of this mascara?” she continued.

You can watch the full interview with Ludwig and 304 Today host Lauren Winans in the player above. And you can watch the Maybelline ad featuring Ludwig for Sky High Primer on YouTube here.

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