BARRACKVILLE, W.Va. – Sitting on about 400 acres, Wilson Farm uses a style called “Back to Eden” Gardening for their fruits and vegetables.

“That’s where you use wood chips and soils with the interaction between each other,” explained farm owner Kevin Wilson.

With this style of farming, Wilson decided to go commercial in 2021 by increasing his garden 25 times than what it was his first year practicing this style of gardening. He has also planted potatoes in the hay.

Wilson explained their product is good, great, wholesome and clean food. His farm is full of pigs, cattle, chicken, fruits and vegetables.  

“We’ve kind of gone to the MOB type of where we simulate a herd of bison coming into the ground they eat the grass, they poop and pee, then fertilize it and then move on,” said Wilson. “And it makes your ground, your organic stuff that much better.”

His pigs eat clover every morning as well as cat tail roots.

Wilson said his family purchased the first area of the farm 50 years ago and has added to it ever since.

“What’s really decent about this farm it has so many springs on it,” explained Wilson. “We have a place down here where I water my chickens. It has 3.15 million gallons a year that goes through just to water the chickens. And we got probably 10 places like that. So we’re trying to utilize all our natural resources.”

Wilson Farm participates in Farmer Markets and said his goal is for his farm is to be a one-stop-shop place where people can come to get what they need.

To learn more information you can contact Kevin Wilson at (304)-816-8999.