HINTON, W.Va. (WVNS) — A Summers County man has grown a vegetable that is big enough to feed an entire family.

His rutabaga weighed in at a whopping 30lbs and 3oz, breaking the former West Virginia Department of Agriculture record.

Ryan Cook of Summers County has made it his personal mission to grow the biggest crops! The former reigning champion veggie only weighed 19lbs 4.6oz. Cook adds that hard work and determination makes these monstrous crops bloom.

“Like giant sunflowers, giant rutabaga, you know whatever you can think of there is a giant version. I have set out to grow them all,” said Cook.

The former champion rutabaga was a plant grown by Cook himself. Cook is just getting started with his green thumb.

He plans to grow carrots, pumpkins and cabbage to beat state records.