The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Street Crime and Drug Unit (SCAD) on Friday, seized over 82 bricks of heroin (4,130 stamps) and arrested a man responsible for bringing it.  

SCAD deputies received information Friday morning that Price “Project” Patterson, 29, of Pittsburgh, Pa., was gathering funds from various people in the Clarksburg area so that he could arraign for a large quantity of heroin to be purchased and transported from McKeesport, Pa., back to Patterson in Clarksburg, where he would distribute it. 

SCAD confirmed Friday afternoon that Patterson’s courier had left the Clarksburg area headed to McKeesport with the gathered funds.  SCAD deputies then began conducting surveillance on several residences in the Clarksburg area, which Patterson was using to store and sell heroin from.

SCAD deputies observed Patterson watching one of the same residences, which was located on Washington Ave. in Clarksburg.

At approximately 7:30 p.m Friday, SCAD deputies observed Patterson’s courier parked at the Washington Ave. residence.  SCAD deputies then intercepted the courier, which lead to SCAD’s seizure of 4,130 stamps of heroin.

When Patterson saw SCAD deputies intercept his courier, Patterson abandoned his “stake out” of the Washington Ave residence, and began walking towards Main Street.  SCAD deputies followed him and once his heroin was recovered, Patterson was arrested.

Patterson was charged with conspiracy to possess heroin with intent to distribute, and conspiracy to interstate transport heroin into West Virginia with intent to distribute, both felonies. 

At the time of his arrest, Patterson was on bond for two other Harrison County felony drug charges, which were the results of a raid SCAD conducted on his home on Sept. 16,.

“The seized heroin has a street value of $41,300, and this large quantity of heroin was intercepted by SCAD before it hit our streets,” said Chief Deputy Jeff McAtee.