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Spring has sprung, which means trees are in bloom and the temperature is warming up. But it also means allergies, and for some those watery eyes and constant sneezes can make a beautiful day turn into a real hassle.

Allergies, frequently caused by pollen, often mimic symptoms of the common cold.

One major difference though, seasonal allergies are not contagious.

But the symptoms, sneezing, watery eyes and even rashes, can be a nuisance.

“You breathe in the allergens and it causes a histamine response throughout your body and those histamine responses are what lead to the rash developing on your skin,” David Hefner, MedExpress Physician, said.

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, Dr. Hefner said this allergy season will likely be a little longer than normal.

“The winter was quite mild so the pollen counts are definitely seeming to be higher at this point.”

Avoiding time outdoors is a good way to keep allergies at bay. Additionally check the pollen count before you leave home to prepare.

And antihistamines, found in over and behind-the-counter allergy medicines, are extremely helpful in preventing and decreasing the severity of allergy symptoms.

“Start the season off early with an antihistamine to try to prevent those symptoms before they even begin,” Hefner said.

You can find additional tips on fighting allergies, here

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