There’s a difference between a helping hand and a handout.

That’s what John Nazelrod, a Bartlett House resident, said. The Bartlett House’s help combined with his own hard work led to the positive results he now enjoys.

“Bartlett House is a great place, but it is exactly what you make it. No one is going to hold your hand,” he said.

Nazelrod lives in the Nitor Apartments and Suites which is the Bartlett House’s newest facility.

The apartments include permanent supportive housing and a bridge housing program.

Assistant Director Ryan Boyd said Bartlett House operates on a housing first model.

“Our model now is to where we’ll bring them in with no barriers and then the first thing we try to do is to get them into housing,” Boyd said. “Then once we get them into housing we will then do the intensive case management to keep them housed.”

Nazelrod is one of the Bartlett House’s success stories. Now he gives back to others in need.

“Helping other people, to me, is more important than anything in this world. I mean we’re all down here, we’ve got to get along,” Nazelrod said.

The Bartlett House helps the local homeless community in a number of different ways.

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