Upshur County Commission and Buckhannon City Council held a joint meeting in the Upshur County Circuit Courtroom Thursday night discussing the idea of a recreational complex.

Student at Buckhannon-Upshur (BU) High School student council have been heavily involved with coming up with ideas with commission and the city for a complex to serve residents. BU students made a presentation to present what they perceive a future complex to look like.

Many of the students said they have come up with ideas to raise money and obtain grants for the future complex, and want a facility that serves the whole community not just the students.

“Since Buckhannon is known for its snow and (inclement) weather we really elaborated on indoor activities, indoor court rooms for our athletics, indoor libraries for people to really study in and get some after school tutoring, and really indoor play areas for little kids that cant maybe go home because their parents don’t get home until 6:30 p.m. or so,” said Mikinna Poling, senior of Buckhannon-Upshur High School.

Poling added that BU Student Council surveyed community members and students in all Upshur County schools to find what types of things the complex would include, such as an indoor track and also an indoor pool.

When asked if there was land available to build a new facility, President of Upshur County Commission, J.C. Raffety said, “We have just made available to the Babe Ruth baseball group 11 acres that the county owned out by the new Convention and Visitors Bureau Center. They’ve signed it for one dollar, and we have turned it over to them for at least a ten year period where they are going to develop that.”

Commissioner Raffety said that land is now owned by the Upshur County Development Authority; he also said that 11 acres will include some baseball fields. Raffety added it would be up to the Upshur County Development Authority would have to decide if a recreational complex would be a good fit on that property or not.