Addiction has no stereotype and recovery is no quick fix.

One church in Bridgeport felt it was time for the city to get a Celebrate Recovery program.

It turned to its congregation for the answers.

“I personally, a few years ago, had a struggle with pain killers and I found help through Celebrate Recovery,” said Ben Randolph, member of Bridgeport United Methodist Church.

Randolph was a driving force behind the city of Bridgeport getting its first Celebrate Recovery. He, along with other leaders and volunteers, has a message to share. 

“Understanding that they aren’t alone,  that there are others that have been down the path before them and that Christ loves them no matter what they think they have down or how far apart they think they are,” explained Randolph.

Bringing hope to Bridgeport through the Celebrate Recovery ministry took time, volunteers, and a growing need to transform lives.

“For Bridgeport, this is the first time it has been in Bridgeport but we have been meeting at Bridgeport United Methodist Church for approximately 3 years,” said Belynda Kirby, one of the leaders of the program.

Volunteers donate their time for many different reasons.

“Just to make people feel welcome and loved and fed cause that is the best way to make people feel welcome is by feeding them,” said Lisa Stafford, volunteer.

Food and fellowship with a bigger mission, Celebrate Recovery works to heal hearts and homes.

“I struggle with depression and anxiety and it starting effecting my children’s lives as well and so I just wanted to find some program that was good for our entire family and someone invited me to Celebrate Recovery and to just go and sit with them and I went and I said “oh my gosh this is for me,” explained Kirby.

From anxiety to addiction, Celebrate Recovery includes all hurts, habits, and hang-ups. A mother volunteering at Celebrate Recovery said, “If you think addiction or another struggle won’t affect someone in your family, well you’re wrong.”

There is a new business in Bridgeport and it’s in the business of recovery. For some residents, hope starts here.

Celebrate Recovery in Bridgeport starts on November 1. Services kick off with dinner at the Johnson Avenue Campus at 6 p.m.