PlayWorks and Variety The Children Charity’s “My Bike” program have partnered over the years to provide nearly $250,000 worth of adaptive bikes for kids in the area in West Virginia. 

At Mylan Park, nearly 100 kids rode their bikes in the PlayWorks “Yes We Can” Ability Ride on Sunday afternoon. 12 Children also received their very own adaptive bikes. 

“But isn’t that what we all want. To feel a part of. Not be left out. Not to have to sit on the sidelines because I don’t have a bike that works, so today everybody is included,” said Charles LaVallee, Variety.

Charlie has been with PlayWorks since he was three years old and received an adaptive bike two years ago.

“It really has a great impact on his life because he’s out in the community, just like all of the other kids, We can go to the rail trail, we can go out in our neighborhood,” said Pam Osecky, Charlie’s Mother. 

This event gives kids the chance to ride in a big group around the “Playworks Village” alongside siblings and friends.

“We thought it would be nice if the children who got the bikes had somewhere to come together and ride them together. And enjoy being with each other, like the neighborhood where I’m from, we would get together and go for a bike ride,” said Mike Lentz, PlayWorks. 

Matthew has abnormalities with his legs that prevent him from taking part in activities that 5 year olds would normally do. His family is looking forward to receiving his specially designed bike. 

“We’re very happy and excited for him. He has been working very hard with his delays and it’s something that he wouldn’t be able to do without this gift. I know this summer he’s really going to be excited to learn how to ride a bike and just help him grow and catch up with the other kids,” said Stafanie Ward, Matthew’s Mother. 

“We’re just thrilled to really kind of showcase the abilities that what our kids can do once they’re given the right bike, with the right equipment,” said Charles LaVallee.

To apply for Variety’s “My Bike” Program visit or call the Variety office at 724-933-0460.