The last time Rose Munro saw her 21-year-old daughter Faith Ann Willis was eleven years ago.

She said it was just like any other night. Faith Ann was with her sister, happy and carefree.

“They were going to go to the movies and she needed some extra cash because she had a doctor’s appointment the next day,” Munro said.

That was the night of August 6th, 2005. After that movie is where Fairmont police said things get fuzzy.

Now, they are releasing new information about Faith Ann’s last known public sighting.

“She was dropped off at McDonald’s on east side in Fairmont to an individual by the name of Randall Stebbins who she was supposed to spend the night with him and he was supposed to take her to a doctor’s appointment the next day,” said Detective Sgt. Brian Stewart of the Fairmont Police Department.

Stewart said Stebbins and Faith Ann were supposed to meet two other men at a party, but it is unclear what happened to Faith Ann after she was dropped off at McDonald’s.

“Randall Stebbins and possibly Shawn Pritchard and Josh Sloan were the last people to see Faith Ann,” Stewart said.

Stewart said Stebbins, Pritchard and Sloan were interviewed extensively, including through polygraph tests, beginning several days after Faith Ann’s disappearance.

Detectives said there were no cameras located on the outside of the McDonald’s on East Park Avenue at the time of Faith Ann’s disappearance. There were cameras located near the cash registers, but detectives do not believe she ever stepped foot inside. Now, cameras are located throughout the parking lot.

Munro said someone took something irreplaceable from her family, but she said there is one thing she is sure of in this case.

“I know she’s gone,” Munro said.

While the investigation can be frustrating, Stewart said it is not over.

“You don’t feel as confident as you did day one, but you know that you’ll never give up,” Stewart said.

Right now, Faith Ann’s family is doing the best they can to cope with the loss of a daughter, granddaughter and sister.

“I put a lot of faith in God here lately. A lot. For me to live, I have to let go and to forgive, but it doesn’t mean I have to forget,” Munro said.

One of the last people believed to be with Faith Ann, Josh Sloan, recently died. But Stewart hopes anyone else with information will come forward.

“I would hope that people’s consciences would get the best of them eventually, whether it be the individuals who are responsible for her disappearance or people close to them,” Stewart said.

Stewart said he knows the truth is out there somewhere and until it is released, he will continue working toward justice for Faith Ann.

“There are individuals that have the information that we need to be able to close this case. Those same individuals apparently have no issues with looking their children in the eye as they put them to sleep at night. Faith Ann is somebody’s child and that family deserves closure because they will never be able to look their little girl in the eye again,” Stewart said.

 To report a tip about Faith Ann Willis’s disappearance, call Fairmont Police at 304-366-2217.