Monongalia County is hoping to display its own flag when the courthouse square renovations are finished this fall.   

Commission announced a contest for county artists to design a county flag to be flown alongside the American Flag and West Virginia flag.  

“We thought this gives a unique opportunity to create something that would be of historical importance,” said Monongalia County Commission President Ed Hawkins. “The whole courthouse square renovation, if you look at it, it’s based largely in part on a lot of history having to do with the fountain, having to do with the river representation, having to do with the dates of things that are happening so we thought well why not?”

Originally, County Commission was only going to open the idea to schools.

“We’ve got so much talent, why not make it an open contest for them to present?,” Hawkins said.  

There are certain requirements each design submission must meet, including displaying the county seal and the year 1776 when the county was formed.

The design should be simple, use up to three colors and use meaningful symbols.

Commissioners also would like the design to be distinctive, so that it is recognized among other flags.

Entries are due by September 29th and the winner will be announced on October 11th.

Each submission must be in color on legal sized paper. The design and submission form should be mailed to:

            Monongalia County Commission

            Attn: Flag Contest

           243 High Street, Room 202

           Morgantown, WV 26505

If you have questions or would like a design application, contact Monongalia county Commission at 302-291-7257 or email