Some workplaces celebrate Halloween by dressing up or passing out candy, but Dominion Energy took it one step further.

“We’re the do-minion’s. We are the diversity do-minion’s actually,” said Christine Mitchell, member of Dominion Energy’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

More employees dressed up, and like employee Brittany Piatt, she included others as well.

“We are the Village People and so we have a YMCA theme and we have music in the background, as you can tell,” said Piatt.

Dominion employees didn’t just wear their favorite costumes but shined light on a bigger message.

“We have me as a Native American, Reid as a captain, Ryan as a construction worker and Paul as a cowboy, and we made signs to emphasize that all the people in the village matter and all people matter,” added Piatt.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council at Dominion Energy created the Halloween event as a way to connect employees. Employees trick-or-treated and found meaningful messages along the way, reminding everyone we are different on the outside but the same on the inside.

Adding competition to the fun, employees broke into teams to see who could make the best hot dog sauce.

“Their vision is just that we recruit from a diverse workforce and we wanted to make it about this time of year and make it fun so we came up with “Trick-Or-Treat others as you want to be treated” theme,” said Mitchell.

Teams took home trophies for best theme and hot dog sauce. The competition was not as scary as it looked and all employees enjoyed the lunch extravaganza.

“You can’t learn to appreciate your differences if you don’t really know your co-workers so this is a two-fold effort here. It gets us out to socialize and learn about each other,” explained Mitchell.

Dominion Energy employees prove costumes may be scary, but its what on the inside that matters.