Dub V Safe Ride, a designated driver service, held a press conference Monday night at Tropics Restaurant to make an announcement.

In order to improve their service, they have become a non-profit organization. They are partnering with local businesses and have created a cheaper pricing structure. The Non-profit is looking for more sponsorships to lessen the burden of the safe-ride on the passengers. They have mapped out the price ranges within Morgantown.

“We drew Morgantown in the zones. So, if you stay within the first zone, it’s $15, which was considerably cheaper than what it was. If you cross that zone, $20. If you cross another zone, $30, and $10 on, and so on. But, that’s a lot cheaper than the old model of $10 to get picked up and $3 a mile,” said Eric Watkins, founder of Dub V Safe Ride.

Dub V Safe Ride reminds individuals that their pricing is cheaper than a DUI. To find out more you can visit their