West Virginia University gave teachers a chance to come together and voice their opinions on federal policy and share their strategies for success on Saturday. 

The John D. Rockefeller School of Policy and Politics gave over 50 educators the chance come together after noticing a disconnect between teachers and federal policy.

“We heard the conversations that were happening in their break room about what worked in their classroom and we were thinking about education performance and the recovery act and performance measures and what we heard was a disconnect,” said Jon Stehle, a Board Member with the American Association for Budget Program Analysis.

The day began with a presentation from former West Virginia Governor and President of the Alliance for Excellent Education Bob Wise, who recognizes the changes in teaching that are rapidly occurring.

“They’re facing much higher standards that they need to be teaching,” said Wise. “They’re facing constrained state budges across the country in West Virginia. They have a much more important role and their ways of teaching are changing.”

Then the teachers broke into small groups for brainstorming sessions.  

Organizers planned to take the outcomes of those discussions to policymakers to hopefully influence future decisions.

“Practice ought to shape the policy, what teachers are doing, not policy shape the practice,” said Wise.