EXCLUSIVE: Tracking the Tropics & Tropical Systems Effects in West Virginia

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– Even though we are no where near the coastline on the Eastern Seaboard of the Gulf Coast, we can see the effect from tropical storms and land falling hurricanes even in West Virginia. A recommendation from Emergency Managers and Meteorologists, have your plans and your emergency kits ready in case something does happen.

“It only takes one to damage any particular area that’s what we tell anyone regardless of how busy the season is. It only takes one, and yes, the affects can go way in-land especially rainfall being a big one”, says John Cangialosi, National Hurricane Center Meteorologist.

Rainfall is not the only concern we worry about from land falling tropical systems here in the mountain state we also worry about gusty winds that could take down tree’s from saturated grounds from that heavy rain fall.

Cangialosi says, “Sandy we had problems well inland as well. I know the New Jersey coastline got the highlight and New York City, but there are big rain problems and snow problems even from that particular tropical system.”

Meteorologists use many tools to track and predict what these tropical systems will do and where they are heading.

“The Air force C130’s there’s 10 of those at Keesler air force base in Mississippi and there the operational work horse. We fly them into anything from a developing depression into a category five hurricane”, says Dr. Rick Knabb, Director of the National Hurricane Center.

Once the forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have the date from the Hurricane Reconnaissance Planes its time to draw up the watches and warnings and advisories, and they’re now gearing new things into those warnings to tell you what to expect should you be near a land falling tropical system.

Knabb says, “And those data are critical into having a good start to the forecast in terms of how strong and how large the storms or the hurricane may be, and that has a direct influence of course on where we put our warnings, and what emergency managers do in terms of evacuation and other instructions for people at the coast or inland.”

So no matter what the seasonal outlooks for tropical landfalling systems tell you, it just takes one landfalling system either on the Eastern Seaboard, the Gulf Coast or even in West Virginia to make a very large impact on the Mountain State.

For more information on the National Hurricane Center, head over to their website, and for the latest tropical system forecasts, watches and warnings.

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