A Fairmont man was arrested over the weekend after deputies said they found him sleeping in his car with drugs scattered around him.

Cedric Deane, 29, was allegedly found unresponsive in his car at Benton’s Ferry United Methodist Church at approximately 5:11 p.m. Friday, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies said there was a handgun in Deane’s lap, and when they opened the door to remove it, they saw drugs on the floor, according to court documents.  Upon removal of the gun, Deane became confused and would not get out of the car the first two times the deputy asked, deputies said.  He was then forcibly removed and identified. 

Deputies found three bags of methamphetamine weighing approximately 39 grams, two bags of marijuana weighing approximately 15 grams, four Suboxone strips, nine Subutex pills, 37 Xanax pills, a clear vile containing a white, powdery substance, $363, several pipes, torch lighters, and packaging materials, according to court documents.

Deane had two warrants for his arrest in Harrison County – one for knowingly possessing a controlled substance and one for shoplifting.  He also has three felony convictions for robbery and breaking and entering from 2007.  The gun was also found to be stolen, deputies said.

Deane is charged with four felony counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and one count of person prohibited from possessing a firearm.