The Farmington Police Department is using funding from the Governor’s Highway Safety Program to support extra patrol for enforcement blitzes.

Officers will focus on DUI and speed enforcement, but the department said the money will benefit the town in other ways, too.

“Being a DUI and speed enforcement grant doesn’t mean we are looking for DUIs or speed. We can stop speeding, cell phone use, seatbelts. People are seeing the cruisers out, they know we’re out more often, and the crime rate will go down,” said Chief Andrew Schwartz of the Farmington Police Department.

That initiative will run until the end of the month. An effort to combat distracted driving will start in April.

More good news for the police department: the town of Farmington has purchased a 2015 Ford Explorer interceptor.

Town council saw the need for a four-wheel drive vehicle to add to the police fleet, so it voted to fund the purchase.

Schwartz says the unmarked vehicle will be an asset for patrolling.