Go Kart Track In Anmoore A Hit


A new go kart track in Anmoore that opened up last November has been a local hit around the community.  Founded by owner Paul Wilmoth, track manager Jerry Nelson and others, the track now hosts 250-300 people and around 40-50 go karts per race every other Sunday night.

“We came up with this smaller track here to teach the kids to get up on the wheel and learn how to drive, to teach them how to throttle in and throttle out of the turns, car control, and just to make them better drivers to get them prepared for the bigger tracks,” said Nelson.

Last year, Wilmoth’s brother came to Paul with the idea to build a track, and despite not owning any go karts, the brothers soon were bulldozing dirt off the side of a mountain to make the track, as a way to give back to the sport that has given them so much.

“Well, hopefully it gives the kids a chance to learn how to drive a go kart, eventually a race car if that’s the direction they want to go.  It gives them an opportunity to really learn how to finesse the car, and hopefully make a good driver out of all of them,” said Wilmoth.

With a powderpuff race for women, a legends race for retired racers, and kid friendly events like bicycle races all upcoming, the track is truly becoming a part of the entire community.  The events are scheduled for every other Sunday, with the next event scheduled for August 27.  

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