Greenhouse Owner Explains On Preparing Plants for Spring


There may still be a few colder days here and there, but it’s not too early to be thinking about ways you can prepare your plants before putting them into the ground.

Typically the only type of planting that goes on at this time of the year is within a greenhouse. They are grown and transplanted.

 “Your warm weather plants, I don’t plant them into the garden until middle of May at the earliest, but really Memorial Day weekend is kind of the date that a lot of the farmers say is your kind of out of frost warning,” said Lucas Tatham, owner of Modern Homestead in Reedsville.

There are a few seeds that can go into the ground though.

“I would start with any of your cold crops, your cold vegetables. That would be cabbages, lettuces. If you haven’t already, I would probably go ahead and start the seeds. I start mine indoors in a greenhouse, but also if you can get out into the garden and start working the garden, you go ahead and sow cold weather vegetables into the ground now,” Tatham said. 

If you haven’t pruned shrubs or perennials that can be done as well.

“It makes the plant bushier and stalker, so each time that you prune it, it’s going to put out two to three stems, if you will, on what’s remaining of the buds. So that makes it bushier, which each of those stems is going to be a branch that has more flowers on it,” Tatham said

If a freeze does come upon us and you have plants outside be prepared. 

“Cover them with a white blanket or white frost blanket. You can buy those at a garden center or a feed store. A sheet will work fine too. Just totally avoid plastic covering it. So likewise for sure shrubs and perennials, anything that’s leafing out or has nice, big buds,” Tatham said. 

Spring is just around the corner.

“Spring will be here. I mean it is in a couple weeks. We’re going to be there. I just love the majesty of Spring you’re waiting, waiting, waiting, and then boom, everything comes to life,” Tatham said

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