Home and Organization Tips: Part 1


 As 2016 comes to a close, many of us look ahead to the New Year, which means setting goals. One of which could be getting organized, especially at work. But that’s easier said than done sometimes. Let’s find out how to clean up the clutter. 

“Disorganization really happens with everyone, it’s just about creating a system,” said All Squared Away President Julie Mills.

Clutter: it happens at work and at home, but why are some people messier than others?

“Things like personality traits that might allow people to live in more chaotic disorganized environments,” said WVU Psychology professor Dr. Amy Genztler. “So they may prioritize orderly very clean meticulous a little less. And then other people might have a high need for organization.”

But a disorganized desk may actually be a sign of intelligence. 

“They actually have found in a study where a disorderly environment or putting people in a disorderly environment, disorganized environment might promote creativity and it might allow people to kind of think outside the box a little bit more,” said Dr. Genztler. “And promote things like, choosing innovation and innovative products versus choosing more classic products. So you can imagine someone’s office who is kind of cluttered who is kind of cluttered may foster that same creative process.”

Even if you work best with clutter, there is a way to stay creative with less mess.

“When I work with clients, I really need to think of unique and customized systems,” said Mills. “Often times I use color coding or we use wording that is very different.”

And it’s important to remember start small, and set a goal.

“The clutter didn’t happen overnight and the clutter won’t disappear overnight,” said Mills.  “And I have a saying little by little, whittle, whittle, whittle. And so it’s just understanding what are your goals. We talk about your goals for this particular space.”

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