For many, the holidays are the most wonderful time of year, but for the Lewis County Food Pantry, it’s one of the busiest.

Director Charlene Sprouse has been working to prepare the pantry for the influx of clients they get around the holiday season, a number that’s only gone up over the past year.

“We have a great need during the holidays, during November, October, really, October, November, December and January, those are really our busiest month,” said Sprouse.

And while the pantry is busy providing families with scheduled help for meals, other area food banks are working to prepare, too.  Our Neighbor in Weston normally provides enough food to get families through a few days, but it will ll be collecting for the holidays too, and staff expect the number of clients to also go up.

“At Christmas, we have a lot of people who work outdoors, and of course, when the winter weather comes, they don’t get as much work, especially people in the timber business, or anything like that,” said Sandy King, director of Our Neighbor.

And feeding people will only be more difficult this year. The food pantry’s winter soup program is facing a cutback this year, and will only be able to provide hot soup for its families once a week, not twice, adding more difficulty to the winter season.

“People depend on it now.  They look forward to the soup being every Tuesday and Thursday, so it’s going to put a bind on them, but they really look forward to it,” Sprouse said.

Contact both organizations to see how you can best help their efforts for the holiday.  The Lewis County Food Pantry can be reached at (304) 269-4000 and Our Neighbor can be reached at (304) 269-6327.