Local Golf Prodigy Adds Major Accomplishment


It isn’t your typical 6 year old who prefers to watch SportsCenter over cartoons, but then again, most aspects of Carson Higginbotham’s life are anything but typical.

“He was probably about two years old, and I was watching ‘Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genuis’ the movie. It starts with Bobby as a little boy following around the golf pro and learning to swing and hit golf balls,” said Carson’s father, Jason Higginbotham. “I had a small set made for Carson  when he was two, and he just picked up his club and could swing just like the boy in the movie. He just a natural swing. So, I started showing him a little more, how to hold the club, and technique with how to address the ball, and we just started with hitting golf balls in the basement.”

From that moment on, ‘Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius,’ transformed from inspiration to reality, and Jason transformed from Daddy to caddy.

“He was probably about four years old, I started taking him out to the driving ranges and getting him familiar with being out on the golf course and being around other people.  Last summer, he had just turned 5, and I started bringing him to Sunny Croft to play the course,” said Jason. “We played nine holes in a day and I just started teeing him up for what distance I thought was suitable for a five year old.” 

It seems carson has more than just a stroke of beginner’s luck, and he has the hardware to prove it.

“He’s played in 15 tournaments. He played six in Pittsburgh, six in Charolette,he played in Pinehurst, and just competed in the Greenbrier,” said Jason. “He has played 15 tournaments, he has 12 championships and two player of the year trophies.”

Last week, Carson added another major accomplishment to that resume.

“Let me first start by saying I’ve been playing golf for over 20 years, I’ve been one inch from the hole, and I’ve never hit a hole in one. I always told all my buddies he is such a good player, he is going to have his 1st hole in one before daddy does,” said Jason.

On on May 6th, that prediction came true.

“He hit the ball, it was 130 yards, he had a driver. I knew he needed to fly it to the green, it slopes a little right to left and when he hit it, it was a perfect trajectory,” recalled Jason. “When it hit and I saw the bounce, I said ‘this has got a chance, this has got a chance to go to the hole.’ Just watching it roll to the hole and on the last roll go in was unbelievable. He doesn’t even realize what he just accomplished, but it was an incredible moment to give him high fives and watching him pick his first hole in one out of the hole was truly amazing.”

If you want to keep up with Carson while he competes, you can follow him on twitter for his results and updates 

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