A Montrose man was arrested Tuesday after deputies said he hit a man with his truck.

Andrew Purdum, 28, allegedly hit Jonathan Tanner with a truck in the Elkins Walmart parking lot at approximately 2:14 a.m., according to the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies responded to the parking lot, they found Tanner lying on the ground bleeding from his head and mouth, deputies said.  Tanner was unable to provide the deputy with any information due to his injuries, according to court documents.

Several witnesses watched the incident take place, deputies said. 

A woman who was with Tanner at the time of the incident told deputies that Purdum said it was okay to borrow the truck, get gas, and stop at Walmart.  The woman said she was driving and leaving Walmart when Purdum came out of nowhere in a black car and began beating on the truck.  The woman said she put the truck in park, and Purdum pulled Tanner out of the passenger seat.  The woman told deputies Tanner ran, before Purdum came around to the driver’s seat, pulled her out, and jumped in the truck, deputies said. 

Deputies reviewed video footage of the incident that a witness took.  A deputy said he saw Tanner running from the truck while Purdum made a quick U-turn in the parking lot and proceeded to chase Tanner.

Purdum missed on his first attempt to strike Tanner, but he accelerated at a high-rate of speed and struck him on the second attempt, deputies said.  Purdum then left the area.

Purdum is charged with malicious assault.