A mine disaster that happened nearly 90 years ago brought individuals to Everettville Sunday. The local area found a way to remember coal miners from past and present.

It’s a place where people can come to reflect and remember. The memorial has the names of 149 Miners that have died in accidents over the years.

This is located at the Federal No. 3 Mine in Everettville. Family and community members gather to remember a specific mine accident that happened April 30, 1927 where 111 miners lost their lives. They also remember the additional lives lost by miners in later accidents at the site.

“Communities cannot allow these types of tragedies to be forgotten. If you forget the past, you’ll repeat the past. This community has done a tremendous job in getting this monument built and inspiring people to honor these fallen miners,” said Mike Caputo, International District 31 Vice President.

The miners did not die in vain. They carry the history of Everettville and educate West Virginia University Landscaping Architecture students who have made panels to display in the Miners Park.

Family members, spoke, sang songs, and shared memories at this 12th annual memorial service.

“We can’t ever forget the deaths caused by this industry. The orphans left behind, the widows left behind because of unsafe working conditions. Because the most precious thing to ever come out of a coal mine, is the coal miner,” said Caputo.