The Morgantown Municipal ‘Green Team’ held a meeting Thursday evening at the Morgantown Public Library to discuss the launch of solar cooperative in the area.

The solar cooperative is a group of local residents and small businesses that want to go solar as a group. By doing this, it makes the process easier and cuts down on the costs of having solar panels installed.

A non-profit agency called West Virginia Sun helps residents learn about solar energy; representative, Emily Stiever said, “Neighbors and folks in Morgantown have been interested in going solar, and sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming to do it by yourself so we’re getting together to help them get together to form this cooperative to go through the solar process together.”

Stiever added solar has been around since the 1970’s, but in the last five to 10 years the price of solar technology has dropped. She also said the typical solar panel is three feet by five feet and usually mounted on the roof, but can be in other places.

“The panels usually produce about a third to two-thirds of your electricity each month. Your attached to the grid, so when your producing your own power you use that and at night when the sun’s down you use the regular power like you always do,” said Anya Schoolman, Executive Director of Community Power Network.

Schoolman added what resident’s will have to pay each month is the difference of the total consumption minus the total production. What’s leftover from that will be resident’s new electric bill. She also said residents will be able to get money back from the power company for excess energy produced.