The mother of one of Skylar Neese’s convicted killers filed a motion last week for judgment in her favor in a civil suit surrounding the case.

Tara Clendenen, mother of Shelia Eddy, filed the motion in Monongalia County Circuit Court, stating that she is not at fault in the July 2012 murder.

In 2014, Mary Neese, Skylar Neese’s mother, filed suit against Eddy, Rachel Shoaf, Shoaf’s mother Patricia Shoaf and Clendenen, along with others.  United States District Judge Irene Keeley ruled that insurance providers named in Mary Neese’s suit did not have to provide a defense in the case. Eddy, Rachel Shoaf and Patricia Shoaf responded to the suit in 2014.

Clendenen argues that she did not have “duty of control” over her daughter because was spending the night at the Shoaf residence on the night of the murder.  Clendenen also said in order to prove a negligent entrustment of an automobile claim, it must be proven that she entrusted her Toyota Camry, which was driven to the crime scene, to her daughter.  She also said the injuries to Skylar Neese were not caused by the vehicle, and that there was no evidence that Eddy was incompetent to drive the vehicle.

Clendenen also mentions in the response that Mary Neese posted on social media that she did not blame Eddy’s parents for her actions.  As a result of that admission, Clendenen says she has no liability in the matter.

Clendenen also argues that the “last parental negligent act” was the failure of Skylar Neese’s parents to supervise her.