“Wanderlust brings together such an amazing group of people. We’re so excited to be in Snowshoe, West Virginia for the first time,” said Jess Roach, the Director of Community for Wanderlust. “We host Farm to Table experiences, and have outdoor expeditions like, stand up paddle board yoga, and meditation, and hikes. It’s all about bringing people together during this wonderful weekend of new experiences. We have world class yoga instructors, DJs, musicians.”

Lake Street Dive, High and Mighty Brass Band, and Magic Giant were just a few of the musical acts that performed.

“We play folk revival music that’s fun to dance to,” said Austin Bis., the lead singer of Magic Giant. “We played two shows yesterday here at Wanderlust, two today, in between we jumped in the lake. We’re so happy to be here, it’s beautiful.”

“We’ve been together for just about a year and a couple of months,” Brian Zaghi, also a member of Magic Giant, said. “It started as a group project between Austin and Zambricki. They had a thing going and they kind of dropped it, and separated a little bit, then they got this offer to play this really cool festival.”

“We needed to bring our Wanderlust to the east coast,” said Roach. “We needed to come down and experience these beautiful mountains. Wild and wonderful, right? Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, we love it here!”

“It’s beautiful, it’s so nice, especially when we’re stuck in West Virginia,” Zaghi said.

“If this is West Virginia, we might be moving,” said Bis.

If you’re interested in checking out Wanderlust, but couldn’t make it to Snowshoe this year, there’s still a chance for you to join in the festival.

“We’re so excited that we’re here that we’re going to be back June 3-5 2016,” Roach said. “So, we hope that we see you there!”