PHILIPPI, WV (WBOY) – “Every day he’s out here changing his board, and hopefully his classmates can appreciate that kind of use it as a tool for them”, says Darla Streets, Special Education Teacher at Philip Barbour High School.

And like most aspiring meteorologists, it starts at a young age, just like Kirkland Waltman, a sophomore at Philip Barbour High School, who brings the forecast to his peers every day.

Streets adds, “I know he’s kinda famous for that, everyone knows that Kirkland is the weather guy, sometimes they’ll ask him about the weather, and of course, he does a really good job of putting all his information on the board”

Tell me a little bit about what you do every day? Kirland says, “I put up the seven day, every day, and the bus stop forecast.” 

What’s your daily routine for this?  Kirkland says, “I get the bus stop information from the evening and the seven-day information in the morning. I help Mr. Carpenter in second period at the last space I come out and do it before we start class”  

And despite Kirkland having autism has high aspirations for life after high school.

Kirland’s Weather Board here at Phillip Barbour High School just shows his interest in meteorology, reminds me a lot of my interest in weather when I was Kirkland’s age and look at me now, and Kirkland, what do you want to be when you grow up? Kirland says, “a Chief Meteorologist there at 12 News.

I’d better watch out, Kirkland may take my job after not too long!