Whether you are at MountainFest this weekend or out mowing the grass, the heat we are having this weekend could be unsafe.

The Star City Volunteer Fire Department and EMS are preparing for MountainFest this weekend but also gave us tips that everyone can learn from.

Ryan Gillespie, Captain EMT, said “First thing we are doing is we just recommend that everybody stay very hydrated. Drink an ample amount of water. If you are all drinking alcohol, make sure you are drinking along with that, finding shade throughout the day to stay out of the sun.”

Shade can be hard to find and the pavement can make it feel even hotter. First responders are prepared at this year’s event because they say heat and alcohol don’t mix well.

Gillespie added, “We have our mobile command post set up on top of the hill which allows us to have a view of everything that is going on for MountainFest and it gives us easy access to transport someone to the hospital. We also have three rapid response vehicles that we utilize. That is basically for us to be able to maneuver through the crowds easier and not cause as much of a distraction by going to help someone.”

Strict rules make it hard to find shade and rest and water finds itself at the bottom of the list at events like MountainFest.

“So we see someone that might be a little bit confused, will be sweating. That is where you are starting to have your heat exhaustion. Heat stroke you are going to start seeing a temperature above 100 degrees body temperature, vomiting, sometimes unconscious and sometime they don’t sweat,” said Megan Simmons, captain EMT.

EMTs said that shade and water could keep you from getting overheated but often times forget.