Test It Tuesday: Pocket Panini


This week’s Test it Tuesday product could help to transform an American classic. The Pocket Panini claims to be your no-mess solution for making café-style hot, pressed sandwiches at home in just minutes. But will you be getting our your “pocket” book for this one?

Today, we’re here with Alex Hines, who like myself, enjoys a good sandwich every now and then!

“Usually, I just like a club sandwich or something. Turkey, bacon, ham, some cheese… maybe lettuce and onion,” said Hines.

“Do you think that would be better hot and toasted?” I asked.

“You know, it depends. When I’m making them, I tend to just make myself a sandwich, but if I’m going out somewhere, I tend to just – I hit Sheetz entirely too much – usually I’ll have them throw it on the toaster and get it all nice and warm there,” said Hines.

“Making sandwiches can be messy, so what do you think of the claim that it perfectly seals the panini?” I asked.

“I want to see if it actually does. I’ll be skeptical just because I have a hard time imagining sealing bread,” said Hines.

Let’s face it – it’s almost summer, so we’re gonna come up with any excuse to use the grill. But the instructions say you can also use your stove top, both gas and electric.

So in between cicada attacks, we managed to make two sandwiches: turkey and cheese and chicken with Italian peppers.

“They tasted fine. The seal thing actually worked really well. Even after you opened it and started to take bites, things tend to leak out, it pretty much stayed together the whole time. The second one, with chicken and Oliverio’s peppers, we let it go a lot longer, and that actually worked a lot better – giving it two or three minutes to a side, then flip it again. The cheese got melted, so the inside was heating up. If you’re being a purist, paninis usually have the grill marks, and they’re very nice. This didn’t really come close. It looked like it had been in a toaster,” said Hines. “The handles are not really strong because it was shifting, even just while we were holding it. It seems to me like a lot of effort for a result you can get from a toaster.”

The Pocket Panini runs $9.99 and can be purchased at Kitchen Collection.

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