UHC Pediatrician Talks About Meningitis and How to Protect Your Children


On Friday, the Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department confirmed two students contracted viral meningitis at Nutter Fort Primary  School earlier this week.

Dr. Mary-Anne Kroll, UHC pediatrician, explained “So meningitis is an infection around the lining of your brain and spinal cord. There can be different causes for it. It can be from bacteria, it can be from viruses, or fungus as well and sometimes in rare cases medications or other inflammatory processes.”

Dr. Kroll also explained what viral meningitis is.

“Viruses we get colds, sore throats, achiness you now those kind of infections this time of year and some of these viruses can lead to meningitis where that infects the lining around your brain,” said Kroll.

Kroll also answered what confirmed cases of viral meningitis could look like for your children.

“More of the general basic virus like the cold virus, the achiness, the headache, the fever, the cough, the cold, that doesn’t mean you are going to get meningitis but that means that you might get other symptoms that are associated with the virus,” added Kroll.

Kroll added that what caused the sudden occurrence of viral meningitis could just be more germs going around then usual.

“Right before school started we were seeing a lot of kids were summer colds and viruses and then you go to school and kids are kids and then they touch everything and they put everything in their mouth and you know germs spread that way,” said Kroll.

The Harrison County School Board said Nutter Fort has been thoroughly cleaned, using the same procedure it uses for any other virus cleaning.

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