The back addition is falling away, the steps are cracking, the plaster is peeling off the walls, and yet the historic Stealey-Goff Vance House is still standing. 

After doing their own interior work, the Harrison County Historical Society needed some help. They need a monetary grant.

“We began applying and you know reaching out for the community to get some recommendations to support us,” said Sherri Heavner, Treasurer of the Harrison County Historical Society.

They received the West Virginia Development Grant, through the State Historic Preservation office to start work where it’s most needed, the exterior of the house.

“And they’re going to put in bracers and spacers and they’re gonna gradually over the course of several months come in here and gradually raise up this portion of the building so that it’s level with the bricks,” said Crystal Wimer the Preserve West Virginia AmeriCorps Member for the Harrison County Historical Society

The next step in the renovation process is to get bids for all of the work that needs to be done. The Harrison County historical society hopes that that work will begin sometime this summer.