We asked Adam at RG Motorsports what makes the Polaris Slingshot different from a motorcycle.

Adam Benedum said, “The Slingshot fits into the category as autocycle instead of motorcycle for being a side by side riding position versus a tandem which is front and back. It has a General Motors 2.4 Ecotech 4 cylinder which is a car motor and a five speed manual transmission which is also a car transmission. It has three wheels which doesn’t fall into the automobile category but it has more than two which is not quite a motorcycle.”

Because West Virginia has changed its requirement for driving a slingshot, RG Motorsports said they have seen more people interested in the vehicle since driving one just requires a valid drivers license.

“To acquire a motorcycle license obviously you have to take a separate test, both written test and driving test for a motorcycle. With this being considered and autocycle, if you qualify to drive a car, this also makes it available for you to drive the Slingshot,” said Benedum.

Even though the Slingshot is not considered a motorcycle, it is still recommended to wear a helmet while riding and driving.