You may notice a new color painted on properties in West Virginia: purple, which means that a hunter must have the landowner’s permission before hunting on the property. 

Lieutenant Brad McDougal said the new rule will make things easier for property owners. “No trespassing” signs will still suffice, but the purple paint is another option for landowners. 

“Part of the reason on this was a lot of times the land owners would put up the posted signs and someone would go right up behind them within the week and tear down the signs. So this will help them out on expense,” McDougal said.

The new law does not specify a specific type of paint or shade of purple. The paint should be in vertical stripes 3 to 6 feet off the ground, 8 inches in length and each stripe should be spaced no more than one hundred feet apart.

The law does not change the fact that hunters must still be mindful of where they’re going.

“As always if a land is fenced or posted, you can’t be on their hunting, fishing or trapping without written permission,” McDougal said.

Even with the law in place, hunters should continue to practice common courtesy.

“Common courtesy goes a long way just like it always has. We should have permission to go on anyone’s property before we go there,” McDougal said.

All other changes this hunting season can be found on the Department of Natural Resources website.