Taking measurements, lectures, and architecture, this is not high school, but preschool.

“We have a curriculum that gives us a mix of structured, large group times where the children are all together, and I’m providing instruction,” Brandy Boehke, a preschool teacher at Adamston Elementary School said. “We have choice time, within that choice time I can sometimes pull aside small groups and provide instruction based on what they need. We balance those with of course quiet times, noisy times. We have gross motor experiences during the day which would be what they could get on the playground or in the gym. We provide opportunities for rest, and we have meals – breakfast, lunch and snack. Those can be educational times as well because you can work on conversation skills, manners, things like that.”

Preschool and head start programs throughout West Virginia model real experiences for the children to learn from and prepare for the future.

“Preschool is a pretty amazing program,” Nikki Henderson, Boehke’s teaching assistant, said. “We offer several opportunities for the kids to develop social skills, relationships, just get them in the routine of what school is all about in a fun, nurturing environment without the okay here’s your ABCs, here’s your 1-2-3’s. We do all that, but in a developmentally appropriate way.”

The building blocks of life start in classrooms like this one and eighty five percent of four-year-old’s are enrolled in preschool or Head Start programs ;the highest in the nation.