They chopped, sautéed, and seasoned at West Virginia Wesleyan on Tuesday all in hopes of winning the school’s first Iron Chef competition.

Something that started at colleges in the Midwest is now here, thanks to the school’s Chef Patrick.

“I was transferred here three years ago and we just thought we’d try it out at Wesleyan. It’s a little bit bigger school, it’s a little bit easier to promote the idea,” said Executive Chef Patrick O’Brien.

Each team had 30 minutes to prepare dishes for the judges using the four secret ingredients: jumbo shrimp, andouille sausage, orange marmalade, and marshmallow cream.

“They can’t be on their phones. They can’t look up recipes. They can ask us questions about what the ingredients are but we’re not gonna give them advice as to how to use them, how to break them down,” said O’Brien.

The winners received gift cards, a mountain bike, and a special dinner of their choosing to be prepared by Chef Patrick.

After the success of the first Iron Chef, the staff hopes to make it a yearly event.