BURNSVILLE, W.Va. – On Friday evening, storms ripped across much of central West Virginia. People across the region shared pictures on social media of flooding and land slides, but one place in Braxton County was hit particularly hard: The Burnsville Public Library.

“Our back room, three-quarters plus of our back room and the walkway into the back room, and the back area of the front room had gotten water in it from the storms on Friday night,” said Beth Anderson, director of the Burnsville Public Library.

The Burnsville Public Library has wet carpets following Friday’s storms

And this isn’t the first time it’s flooded at the library.

“We have had minor flooding, very minor when we get hard rain. But, we had that problem fixed in 2019, and haven’t had an issue until now.”

Beth Anderson, Director of Burnsville Public Library

The flooding is worse than previous incidents the library has seen since Anderson took the position of director in 2015.

The extent of the damage is still unknown, but pictures show mostly soaked carpets and boxes.

“We had some books that we were storing for book sale purposes, and those were damage beyond what we could repair. I don’t know if it got into the shelves of the books,” said Anderson.

A box is wet after storms rolled through West Virginia on Friday.

Anderson is hoping that everything can be settled with insurance, and that it will not affect the services the library provides.

“We do serve the public quite a bit. We’re hoping that this doesn’t impact any of our already planned programming for the summer. I’m hoping that our insurance will cover it,” Anderson said.

The library will be closing off the sections that received water damage, but the library itself will still be open.