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Iceland Sells Spring Break to the Iciest Town in America, Kind Of

A man is standing in a beautiful green Icelandic landscape in a bathing suit with a pool floatie. The headline reads Spring Break Iceland '23, It's Warmer Here.

Freelance ad creatives launch a tourism campaign with a billboard in Grand Forks, ND inviting people from “the coldest town in the US” to come warm up in Iceland for Spring Break. On average, Iceland is 4 degrees warmer in March than Grand Forks.

Freelancers Go Rogue with Cheeky Ad Campaign Launch in North Dakota

GRAND FORKS, ND, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Grand Forks, ND – This Spring Break things are getting spicier than wet t-shirts and beer bongs. They’re getting positively primeval in Iceland, the wildest country on Earth. Brought to you by a group of freelance advertising creatives, Spring Break Iceland is the campaign the small country never knew it needed, definitely did not sign off on, and won’t be able to live without.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign invites Spring Breakers to embrace Iceland as the ideal place to do things they may regret later–but in a beautiful setting. What could be a better fit for college students looking to get “wild” than the unbridled beauty of Iceland’s fjords, fields, and steamy lagoons? It’s a no-brainer.

The Spring Break Iceland campaign is designed to boost tourism to the Nordic nation by delivering an essential infusion of sexy party people, a public service the attractive but tiny island sorely needs. Based on a recent study, Iceland's gene pool is more homogenous than that of most other countries*.

The campaign includes an irreverent 60-second spot, print, targeted social, and the icing on the glacier—a billboard in Grand Forks, North Dakota inviting inhabitants from “the coldest town in the contiguous US”* to come warm up in Iceland. (On average, Iceland is 4 degrees warmer in March than Grand Forks. The allure is irresistible.) The billboard will be up in the frigid college town through mid-April and is sure to make a splash with those looking to escape the cold. “Oh, cool! I want to go to Iceland – I bet it is warmer there.” exclaimed Jill Kvasager upon seeing the board.

The project’s creators are eager to discover how many coeds and beyond will pack their bags for an Arctic adventure that's going to be so cool it's hot.

Aside from using their time between gigs to spread joy and create a little chaos, the project’s creators are candid about being on the hunt for work. If you have a sense of humor—hire them. Spring Break Iceland is the deranged brainchild of writers, Sara Becker and Peter Megler, art directors, Quinn Lindgren and Christian Laniosz, with voiceover by writer and voice talent, Alex May. You can see the campaign at SpringBreakIceland.com.

PR/Media assets available here https://bit.ly/3JMo5HR

A Reassessment of Genetic Diversity in Icelanders: Strong Evidence from Multiple Loci for Relative Homogeneity Caused by Genetic Drift

World Population Review: Coldest Cities in the United States 2020

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