Celebrating Volunteers: Paige Robinson

Celebrating Volunteers

Drug addiction in West Virginia is not a new issue. But one recovering addict in the area uses her testimony to help others live a new life. 

For this month’s Celebrating Volunteers, we learn about the work of Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge. 

Meet Paige Robinson.

“If you hadn’t gone through this program, where do you think you would be,” said WBOY Anchor Gretchen Ross

“Dead more than likely,” said Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge Volunteer Paige Robinson. 

This May, Robinson will celebrate a year of a new life after her Teen Challenge graduation.

“I was drug addicted for over 6 years of my life,” said Robinson.  “And I was lost. I was hopeless. And I went to this program that completely changed my life. Jesus Christ used Teen Challenge to completely just 100 percent change me. It didn’t just get me off drugs.”

Paige attended the program in Princeton which provides spiritual guidance and life skills workshops.

“20 minutes of Bible reading and 10 minutes of praying,” said Robinson. “You have classes, you have work skills classes. I was in the development part so I learned how to make jewelry. I learned how to make newsletters. I learned how to do community outreach there.” 

Paige uses those skills that she learned during her time with Teen Challenge to now volunteer for the organization out of Bridgeport. 

“So I help make the newsletter,” said Robinson.  “Make jewelry that we sell at craft shows and church events that we go to. We have an Evangelism team that we go out and share our testimony. Anything they need done. Labeling newsletters.” 

“This will be the girls’ dorm,” said Robinson. “Um it’s one big open room and we can house up to 20 girls and they each have their own bed. Their own closet area where they can keep all their items.”

Paige also helps fundraise for a new facility to house women in Bridgeport. 

“Residential facility,” said Robinson.  “The girls would be there between 10 months and a year. What we did in Princeton we will do here. Show them how to live a life apart from being an addict.” 

“We’ve got, you know where laundry is going to be a utility room for things,” said Robinson. “We’ll teach girls how to fix stuff umm yeah so they will have a place to hang out and we want to show them how to have fun.”

For Paige, attending Teen Challenge turned out to be the best decision she’s made. 

“But before this program, I couldn’t even help myself. How was I going to help other people? So it’s just something I always wanted to do – was to be able to help others – and now I get to do that,” said Robinson. 

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