BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Ron Eagle is a veteran who came home from combat and decided he needed to help his brothers and sisters who were also coming home.

“As a combat veteran myself, I ride for that brotherhood, that comradery,” Eagle said. “It brings us all together. It’s tough to come out of the battlefield and not have that, and people say ‘well, it’s so easy to go back to civilian life. It’s so easy to flip that switch,’ and it’s not.”

Head for the Hills (Courtesy: Ron Eagle)

After coming home, Eagle joined the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, which soon partnered to create a festival like no other: Head for the Hills.

“The Head for the Hills festival is a festival that allows motorcycles to come together as a group and through that, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association partnered with the Head for the Hills festival to try and highlight charity events that are veteran-driven,” Eagle said.

Head for the Hills (Courtesy: Ron Eagle)

The 2022 festival’s veteran-driven cause is Mission 22.

“Mission 22 goes out and helps veterans when they’re feeling suicidal. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide a day. We need to stop that. How do we stop that? We stop it with charities like Mission 22,” Eagle said.

This year’s Head for the Hills festival will be held on Sept. 15-17 at the Pennsboro Speedway in Ritchie County and will include live music, fun and a poker run with hopes of giving away $10,000 like last year, among other things.

For Eagle’s work in helping combat veterans through the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and the Head for the Hills festival, he has been awarded as our Celebrating Volunteer for July 2022 and has been awarded $500 by the Miley Legal Group.

“This is awesome. This is just, the generosity just blows me away. Without the generosity of local businesses, the festival really wouldn’t exist and neither would all of the donations to veteran charities that we work towards. So, donations like that mean a lot,” Eagle said.