SHINNSTON, W.Va. (WBOY) – Thanksgiving has come and gone, but people need to eat 365 days a year. While many people give during the holiday season, Tom Edgell gives year-round.

“We just try to provide the need that people have,” Edgell said.

Food stored at the Lord’s Pantry (WBOY Image)

Edgell, along with his wife and many others, volunteer their time at the Lord’s Pantry in Shinnston.

“Everything is sponsored by local churches, businesses, individuals,” Edgell said. “All of it is voluntarily given to us. All the work that’s in here is volunteers. Nobody gets paid by anything.”

Food stored at the Lord’s Pantry (WBOY Image)

The pantry has been around for many years, according to Edgell. But, with rising prices around the country, he says it’s become more of a need recently than before.

“We’ve got a lot of elderly people who don’t have a lot of income,” Edgell said. “We’ve got a lot of working poor. We have a lot of people who are raising their grandchildren for various reasons, and a dollar doesn’t go very far today, not like it used to. Everybody seems to have a need; we’re trying to help out as best we can.”

Even food pantries are struggling with inflation, but Edgell said there are still nice people out there willing to help.

Food stored at the Lord’s Pantry (WBOY Image)

“The last few months have really been difficult, but fortunately, people like Tim Miley and some other businesses stepped up and have given us donations that have really helped us,” Edgell said.

Edgell said even though inflation has been hurting many across the country, he said kids always deserve a sweet treat. For this, he keeps popsicles, maple syrup and peanut butter on hand for sweet treats to families with kids.

Much of the food on their shelves is purchased through monetary donations, donated food, or from USDA grants.

Edgell and his wife aren’t spring chickens by any means, so why did they decide to do this?

“We’ve had a good life. We’re retired, and we just found it’s a good niche for us,” Edgell said. “We get to meet a lot of people that we feel a relationship with after you get to meet them.”

Tom Edgell (left) speaks with Tim Miley (WBOY Image)

For Edgell’s work with the Lord’s Pantry and making sure the people of northern Harrison County are fed, the Miley Legal Group has given the couple $500 to go towards the pantry and help feed more people of the area.