CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Onyx the lab mix was found abandoned with his sister back in 2018 at less than a year old.

They both made their way to Animal Friends of North Central just outside of Morgantown. Onyx’s sister was adopted almost right away.

Onyx, 12 News’ Harley Benda’s lab mix (WBOY Image)

Onyx on the other hand was dealt a more complex hand.

He was adopted in the spring of 2019 by a family who wanted a dog. Unfortunately, he was returned for “having food aggression”.

Onyx, 12 News’ Harley Benda’s lab mix (WBOY Image)

12 News’ Harley Benda found Onyx’s photo on the internet, and immediately knew she wanted him.

She went to the sanctuary to visit, and just a couple of days later, she had Onyx in the back of her car, coming home with her for the very first time.

She adopted him in June 2019 while she was still a student at West Virginia University.

Onyx, 12 News’ Harley Benda’s lab mix (WBOY Image)

Since then, Onyx has lived a very happy life in north central West Virginia with Benda.

Onyx gets the zoomies, loves squeaky toys and even has his own personal peanut butter in Benda’s fridge. And after a long day, no matter the time, he comes to bed and sleeps next to her.