MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Animals sometimes don’t get a good first chance at life. Koda, a Rottweiler mix from Morgantown, falls into that category.

“Someone found him walking along a road over in Cheat Lake and posted him on Facebook,” Priscilla Moats, Koda’s owner, said. “People started tagging me in it, and he needed help. He was emaciated. He was basically hairless, and I thought ‘oh my gosh, this is the last thing to do,’ but I picked him up.”

Koda was found in Cheat Lake in Nov. 2018 in this condition. Four years later, he is living a much happier life. (Courtesy: Priscilla Moats)

After some digging, the pieces were put together on how Koda got into this situation.

“His owner had actually tied him to an abandoned trailer and left him,” Moats said. “He had callouses on every bone that touched the ground on his body, and we think it’s from him standing up and sitting down on a hard surface. He had a choker chain on with a—it looked like a TImberland boot shoelace, and he had stood up and sat down so much that the shoelace ripped in half, and that’s how he got out.”

Koda the Rottweiler (Courtesy: Priscilla Moats)

That was all in November 2018. Now, almost four years later, Koda is living his best life.

“He’s very friendly. He loves all my neighbors; they all love him. He’s just real chill. We do a lot though. We go hiking a lot. I’ve taken him to Deep Creek on a girl’s weekend. So, anything that I do, he does. I try to keep him as active and social as I can just because I am a little bit obsessed with him,” Moats said.

While 12 News Anchor Harley Benda was meeting Koda, he continued to bring her a tennis ball that he wanted her to throw.

Koda the Rottweiler (WBOY Image)

Moats said he’s a bit of a people pleaser.

“He loves new people. It hurts his feelings a little bit when people don’t say hi to him or don’t meet him. It makes his entire day to meet new people. He loves kids the most,” Moats said.

Moats said she’s been helping animals for years and plans to continue to help in the future.