CENTER POINT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Nestled 10 miles from Salem in Doddridge County is Nazareth Farm, a non-profit that focuses on simple home repairs, such as roof and siding repairs, by people who visit.

However, as the name suggests, the organization also has food growing on the property, and a group of protectors from the Doddridge County Humane Society help make the farm successful.

“We have four cats. Some of them have been here almost eight years, a few of them just a year or two,” said Allyson Petry, Executive Director of Nazareth Farm. “They have different locations on the farm, so they do take care of different houses. Lots of pets as well, but also just running around chasing things, looking for chipmunks, waiting for their next pet from a friend.”

MK (WBOY Image)

Those cats are Freddie, the oldest cat MK, Stella Luna and Moe, the most recent cat.

“Freddie doesn’t really get along with the other cats, so he’s kind of claimed his area,” Petry said. “He gets right next to the big house and where the animal barn is, and the other cats have chosen our staff house. So, they have the whole garden space to roam, plus a big front porch.”

Petry also said she’s very grateful to the Doddridge County Humane Society for understanding her want for outdoor cats.

Stella Luna (WBOY Image)

“Sometimes, they’ll give us a call and see if we’re willing to take one or two more outdoor cats because a lot of folks either want that one that’s going to stay inside and snuggle with them, or don’t want someone with claws, and we’re happy to take a cat that wants to be outside that really needs more space,” Petry said.

The farm also has two rescue pups that also protect the farm.

“The dogs are really good at chasing off coyotes, raccoons, especially when they go after the chickens, deer after our farm,” Petry said.

Ava (left) and Oscar (WBOY Image)

Petry said the animals also really come in handy for the kids who come for the summer and just need a friend or really miss their parents.