Better driving habits for the new year


You may have made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape or save money, but AAA is encouraging you to also focus on bettering your driving habits. 

First and foremost, put down the cell phone. 

Studies show distracted driving is a factor in nearly 80 percent of traffic accidents. 

Another big issue is seat-belt use. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the use of safety belts saved more than 12,000 lives in 2014. 

You should also avoid what AAA calls “peephole driving” which is when you clean only a portion of the ice off your windshield.

Ohio State Highway Patrol, Lieutenant James Faunda said, “When you’re scraping that one little area to see out the front of your car, you’re neglecting everything else that you can see and you’re basically having tunnel vision as you’re driving down the road. You’re not going to see a vehicle creeping up to an intersection as you approach it. You’re not going to be able to see out your side windows.”

You should check the pressure and tread on your tires, especially in the winter months.

Read your car’s owner’s manual.

It could give you some valuable safety information, and take the time to learn how to parallel park.

You never know when you’ll be in a city or town where the skill will be needed, and it’s never too late to improve your driving. 

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