BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Yard sales, where you wake up early on a Saturday and pay cash for things other people don’t have a purpose for anymore. For many, its a social experience- shopping, browsing, exploring – but with Facebook helping people sell items with the click of a button, yard sales seem obsolete but not for the city of Bridgeport. 

“I think people just want a fast and easy way to clean out their houses and with social media, you are posting single items at a time and then with the city-wide yard sale they can have everything out at one time although we do utilize social media to promote the event very heavily,” said Andrea Kerr, director of community and business development.

More than 100 houses are on the list for Saturday’s city-wide yard sale. Surrounding communities have also decided to use the day to host yard sales, making it a day where lots of people are out and about bargain hunting.

“And it just brings more and more traffic the yard sales there are, the more traffic that everyone will see and I think that just benefits everybody,” explained Kerr.

A change to next year’s sale could include a vendor spot in town for people who can’t host a yard sale

“Cause we do have a lot of people in the community that live in maybe apartment complexes that can not participate in the sale,” added Kerr.

Kerr said the city-wide yard sale is also great for downtown small businesses. With the extra traffic, people are out exploring what the city has to offer, something a Facebook yard sale just can’t compete with.