The Smashing Pumpkin and Spice Spice Baby drinks at The Groove

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Nothing gets you in the Halloween spirit like a specialty spooky coffee. 12 News reached out to some of the local coffee shops in north central West Virginia to see what they plan to have brewing.

Along the Interstate

The Groove in Fairmont has two spicy fall drinks on its seasonal menu. “The Smashing Pumpkin” is a typical pumpkin spice latte, and the “Spice, Spice Baby” latte has flavors of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.

Stone Tower Brews will be offering a series of Halloween and witch/wizard-inspired drinks over Halloween week Oct. 23-29. For coffee lovers, there are Butterbeer lattes, but for those who want to branch out there will also be “Butterbeer Soda,” “Gillyweed Soda” and “Witches Brew.”

All the drinks during “Wizarding Week” are inspired by the Harry Potter books/movies. Gillyweed Soda is vegan and made with desert pear, blue curaçao, and Irish cream with perrier soda and a splash of macadamia nut milk, and Witches Brew is a caramel apple soda.

A Stone Tower representative clarified that all of the drinks are nonalcoholic and family-friendly.

Harvest Moon and A Dark and Scary Night from The Coffeehouse

All four Harry Potter drinks will be available the week before Halloween at the Stone Tower Brews locations in Buckhannon, Bridgeport and Morgantown and at The Joe in Fairmont.

Additionally, The Joe told 12 News that it will also be offering five slasher-themed drinks inspired by movies like “Halloween” (Michael Myers), “Scream” (Ghostface), and “Silence of the Lambs” (Hannibal Lecter).

The Coffeehouse in Weston is offering two seasonal fall flavors. The “Harvest Moon” is a white chocolate and pumpkin iced latte with marshmallow cold foam. The other drink, “A Dark and Berry Night” is a hot latte with flavors of dark chocolate, blackberry and cinnamon.

Also in Morgantown, Sugar Bar in Suncrest Town Centre has four colorful Halloween-themed drinks. In a recent Restaurant Road Trip, reporter Gwyn Napier tried the “Witch’s Brew,” which is iced lemonade with edible glitter, lavender, elderflower and green cold foam, topped with bat sprinkles.

From left to right, the Mummy Latte, Vampire Bite, Witch’s Brew and Frankenstein Match from Sugar Bar

Other Sugar Bar seasonal offerings are the “Vampire Bite,” which is an iced latte with mocha and strawberry, raspberry sauce around the sides, topped with red strawberry cold foam and bat sprinkles, “The Mummy Latte,” which is an iced latte with coconut, cake batter and white chocolate syrups and white chocolate sauce, topped with white chocolate cold foam and coconut flakes, and the “Frankenstein Matcha,” which is an iced matcha topped with black white chocolate cold foam and bat sprinkles. All of Sugar Bar’s Halloween drinks are already being offered for the season.

Mountaineer Roasting Company is doing a visual twist on a typical pumpkin spice latte by adding Jack-O-Lantern latte art to the top of it.

And Terra Cafe in Star City is offering a Butterfinger latte made with chocolate and toffee nut. The drink can be enjoyed hot or iced and even comes with a spooky witch on top.

In the Mountains

The Crossing Coffee Bar in Del Monte Market in Elkins is also bringing back its seasonal Harry Potter drinks from last year. There will be six drinks featured the week of Halloween, including a butterbeer latte and “love potion” as well as other spooky specialties. If you can’t wait until Halloween, the Crossing will have a “Harvest Bliss” latte with pumpkin and vanilla flavors and white chocolate sweet foam during the week of Oct. 16-21.

Canned Oat Milk Pumpkin Spice Latte from TipTop

TipTop‘s locations in Davis, Tucker County and Elkins, Randolph County are offering a seasonal canned Oat Milk Pumpkin Spice Latte. The seasonal drinks are canned in-house and available in addition to the shops’ canned cold brew and lattes.

In Buckhannon, the Daily Grind will be offering several Halloween coffees as well. The shop featured its “Witch’s Brew” drink, which is a latte with white chocolate, blackberry, vanilla and green apple, on its Facebook page. The spooky drink has a greenish-tinted foam and is decorated with a spooky spider web pattern.

The Daily Grind also has a “Werewolf Macchiato,” which is an iced latte with chocolate and raspberry as well as the “Boo-Berry,” which is a frozen, kid-friendly taro drink made with white chocolate, blackberry, vanilla and real strawberries.

Both the berry drinks are brightly colored and have a spooky vibe, and all coffee drinks from the Daily Grind are made with locally roasted Mountain Roasters coffee.