WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVNS) Imagine getting the chance to learn the ways of the Mountaineer, well the Greenbrier Resort has the opportunity for you.

The Mountaineer Experience is a two hour long outdoor adventure where guests get to learn about archery, air rifle shooting and throwing a traditional tomahawk. Each group is lead by a trained guide through the three different stations.

Guide Kellie Warren explained what the air rifle station was all about.

“So we have .22 caliber air rifles. They use compressed air to propel the bullet instead of gunpowder,” Warren said. “Super fun! They are pretty powerful. There is no kick back when you fire them, so nothing to worry about hurting or anything. Just a lot of fun.

After the air rifles, I tested out my skills with a tomahawk getting some guidance on the proper technique.

“So again, hold at the end of the handle. Keep your elbow in. It’s just like a chopping motion right in the air and when you release you are releasing right here. So just like you are reaching out to shake someone’s hand,” Warren said.

And then it was time to pull back the bow.

“Stand perpendicular. If you were to imagine this arrow going from my ankle it should be pointing toward the target, through my hips pointed toward the target and through my shoulders pointed toward the target,” Warren said.

Warren said the best part about this job is seeing the reaction of the people when hitting a target.

“It’s great! It’s so rewarding when you just try and try and you finally get that stick or finally get that thing you’ve been shooting,” Warren said. “It’s really kind of cathartic as well to just sort of sit here and aim and shoot.”