ELKINS, W.Va. – Davis & Elkins College held their President Switch Day this past Monday.

President Switch Day is where the college President becomes a student for a day, and a student becomes the school President.

The day helps both the school President and students get a better understanding of what each other goes through on a daily basis.

“I wanted to have the opportunity to walk in the shoes of one of our students, to attend a class, have a chance to go into a dorm room, and talk with students” said Chris Wood, President of Davis & Elkins College.

President Wood said, “Hussain today, he gets a chance to understand what it is to be a leader of a complex organization, I think it is a wonderful educational opportunity for him and quite frankly it’s an opportunity that quite few would get at a very large University, but at a small school like Davis & Elkins, we really pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our students.”

Junior student Hussain Hamide was the one selected to be the student President of Davis & Elkins College on Monday.

“He (President Wood) was once a student, but in a different generation, so now he is in the new generation and how people answer questions in the class is different today, he also had to present one of my projects today and I hope to God I got a good grade,” said Hamide.

After graduation, Hussain plans to live the American Dream and one day become the real President at Davis & Elkins College.