FRANKLIN, W.Va. — A woman has been reported missing after hiking on the Huckleberry Trail in Pendleton County.

According to the Pendleton County detachment of the West Virginia State Police, Cassie Sheetz, 23, and two males individuals went hiking on the Huckleberry Trail area of Spruce Knob in Pendleton County on Mar. 11.

While hiking, Sheetz and the two males became separated from one another, however, the two males were able to find their way out of the trail separately from one another, troopers said.

One of the males stayed at the car when the other male came out of the woods and learned that Sheetz had yet to find her way out; one of the males returned to the trail to search for Sheetz while the other stayed in the vehicle, according to state police.

An unaffiliated individual noticed the male waiting in the car and learned about Sheetz disappearance, so the individual called 911 to report the missing individuals, troopers said.

While the male who had gone to search for Sheetz was located, Sheetz was officially listed as missing on Mar. 12, and she is still considered missing at this time, according to state police.

Those with information on Sheetz’ location are asked to contact the Pendleton County detachment of the West Virginia State Police at 304-358-2200.